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Assign a set of drugs to my chemotherapy protocol


ASSIGN A SET OF DRUGS TO MY CHEMOTHERAPY PROTOCOL In the menu tab, select "Precision" Click "Add" Fill the form Submit Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each drug you wish to add

Assign a set of drugs to my chemotherapy protocol2019-11-06T16:42:11-05:00

Create a new treatment protocol


CREATE A NEW TREATMENT PROTOCOL Go to "Tools" Select "Protocols" Select add and choose a category a protocol Fill the form Submit

Create a new treatment protocol2019-11-06T16:40:05-05:00

Ship Aliquots


SHIP ALIQUOTS Prerequisite An order with at least an order line containing at least one aliquot. Go to the shipment containing the aliquots you wish to define as shipped. In the first tabbed menu, select "Shipments". Click "Add". Fill the form and hit "Submit". Click "Add items to shipment". Check the aliquots you [...]

Ship Aliquots2019-11-06T16:37:29-05:00

Add an aliquot to an order


ADD AN ALIQUOT TO AN ORDER Prerequisite Have an order line under your order. (To create one, reach your order and click on "add order line".) There are 3 ways to add aliquots to an order line. A. Via a batch set/browsing (1 or more aliquots at once) Create a batch set/browsing node [...]

Add an aliquot to an order2019-11-06T16:37:00-05:00

Create an Order


CREATE AN ORDER Go to the "tools" menu Click on "order management" Click "add"

Create an Order2019-11-06T16:26:01-05:00

Export results from a query or batch set


EXPORT RESULTS FROM A QUERY OR BATCH SET Select the lines you wish to export. If you want them all, there is a check all button right after the last check box. If no results are being displayed because there were too many, all of them will be exported Reach the "Action" at [...]

Export results from a query or batch set2019-11-06T16:24:25-05:00

Run an existing report


RUN AN EXISTING REPORT Select the "Reports" optionSelect the report you wish to runEnter the parameters required for the reportHit "submit"

Run an existing report2019-11-06T16:22:24-05:00

Create a new standard operating procedure


CREATE A NEW STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE (SOP) Go to "Tools" Select "Standard operating procedures" Click "Add" and choose a catagory Fill the form Submit

Create a new standard operating procedure2019-11-06T16:20:27-05:00

Create a new research study


CREATE A NEW RESEARCH STUDY Go to "Tools" Select "Study & Project" Click "Add" Fill the form Submit

Create a new research study2019-11-06T16:06:25-05:00

Create a DNA quality control


CREATE A DNA QUALITY CONTROL This guide will describe the process to record a DNA quality control and define the tested aliquots. Data Record Open the DNA 'Details' form. Click on 'Quality controls' in the drop down menu and create a control by clicking on the "Add" button at [...]

Create a DNA quality control2019-11-06T15:51:45-05:00