Create derivatives and aliquots


This guide will describe the process to create a DNA solution extracted from a tissue block.

This process requires 2 steps (the second one being optional):

  1. Create the DNA extraction from the tissue.
  2. Define the aliquot of the parent sample (Ex: The tissue block) as aliquot used for the extraction or ‘Aliquot Source’.
Create DNA Extraction
  1. Using the Icons in the top right hand corner hover your mouse over the Inventory Managment icon.
  2. From the drop down options, select the middle icon “Search Samples”
  1. Enter search criteria and hit submit
  2. Click the Green Details arrow beside the collection you wish to view
  1. Click on the the green arrow next the the sample you wish to define
  1. Enter storage selection label and position into rack and hit submit.
  1. Enter DNA data and submit.

The DNA ‘Details’ form will be displayed.

8. Click on ‘Add Aliquot’ to create the tubes.

9. See “Create collected specimens and aliquots” guide to create DNA tubes.

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