Define aliquot into a storage


This section will describe the process:

  • To define to storage (ex. box) that will contain an aliquot
  • To set position of the aliquot into the storage


– The following examples are based on a box that should be previously built following the “Create a box and set box into a freezer” guide.

– The ‘Selection Label’ of a storage will be used to define the storage that will contain the aliquot when you will either create an aliquot or modify aliquot data.

– The storage ‘Code’ will be useful to differentiate 2 storages (ex: boxes) having the same selection label during the definition of the aliquot storage (see example below).

Data Record
  1. Click on button to add or edit an aliquot.
  1. Search for Sample you wish to define
  1. Click on the the green arrow next the the sample you wish to define
  1. Enter storage selection label and position into rack and hit submit.
  1.  The storage information like temperature will be displayed into the aliquot details form.

From here you can navigate to the Access to Storage button to display storage data

Aliquot display into storage

An aliquot could be displayed into the storage tool using the storage tree view:

a. Go to Storage and TMA Blocks, here you can search by Type (i.e Freezer) or by label.

  1. From the drop down menu clink Content (Tree view)
  2. Click in the the tree view buttons to expand
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