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Main Menu and Controls

Explore the Main Menu of ATiM and some of the program’s basic functions and layouts


How to create a new participant and add participant details

Diagnostic History

How to create and navigate the diagnostic history of a participant. Includes using ICD codes and various means of adding diagnostics to diagnostic trees.

Clinical Events

How to add clinical events and link them to different diagnostic events.

Treatment and Protocols

How to add treatments such as chemotherapy and link them to different diagnostic events. This includes how to create a protocol that can be added to a participant treatment and how to edit the protocol within the participant file.

Defining Samples

The various definitions of samples used in ATiM and how they relate to one another

Storage Layout

How to enter storage systems such as liquid nitrogen tanks, freezers or cupboards, into ATiM. This includes organizing within a storage system.


How to add collections and aliquots into ATiM, including how to link collections to participants.

Storage Parameters

How to add collection derivatives and aliquots including how to integrate these additions into existing storage systems

Storage Locations

How to organize samples within storage systems