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Development and Test Environments

Our development server has the following specifications:

  • Dual 2.8GHz Intel Xeon Processors
  • 1GB RAM*
  • 70GB Disk space

This server has provided us with ample processing power and disk space to handle multiple installations of ATiM along with other development resources including an FTP server and Subversion repository.

To set up either a development, test or demo installation under Windows, we highly recommend installing WAMP (see WAMP Configuration Guide).

Production Server

For ATiM version 2.7.x

As ATiM has been developed using cross-platform, open source technologies any platform capable of running MySQL, Apache and PHP should be able to host an installation.

The OS listed below are tested but normally ATiM can be installed on all new versions of Linux distributions

  • OS server
    • Ubuntu 16 (tested and recommended)
    • Centos 7.5 (tested)
    • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 (2008 and 2012 tested)
    • Windows 7, 10 (tested but not a server)
  • Database
    • MySQL 5.7
    • MariaDB 10.3 (tested)
  • PHP  7.0

Disk space depends on the number of participants, samples and level of annotation. As a rough guide 1.0 GB of free disk space should provide ample room for the accrued data of an established bank (considering no images or documents has to be stored on the server), in all other circumstances *4GB to 8GB of data is suggested.


PHP needs to have the following modules.

Module Reference Compile flag
Multibyte String [1] –enable-mbstring
Zlib [2] –with-zlib
One of mysql or mysqli [3][4] –with-mysql, –with-mysqli
(To confirm) PHP Data Object [5] –enable-pdo –with-pdo-mysql
(For apache onyl) One of apxs or apxs2 –with-apxs=[DIR], –with-apxs2=[DIR]

Example configuration flags

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First, be sure to correctly defined the path to the loadable extensions (modules).

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ATiM is a web application designed to be used at a resolution of 1024×768 or higher. Lower resolutions can be used but will result in diminished user experience. Any client running a recent web browser should be able to connect and use ATiM.

CTRNet has tested and recommends the following web browsers for client workstations: