ATiM hosts numerous features, modules and tools all designed to help facilitate the operation of your Biobanks. Watch the demonstration video for more information on ATiM’s innovative abilities.

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Included features:
  • Standard operating procedure integration
  • Multi-lingual (English and Francais) on a per-user basis
  • Highly customizable web application. No client-side software required
  • User management and system security
  • Modular design for future support of new sample types, storage entities, and disease sites
  • The ability for local banks to add custom business logic without modifying the core application
  • Become part of a growing biobank community adopting ATiM for local use.
  • Full audit trail support to capture all changes to biobank data.


The Clinical Annotation Module permits the capture of the participant’s demographics, screening, diagnosis, lab, treatment, and outcome data.

  • Standard operating procedure integration
  • Participant recruitment and consent management
  • Common participant profile including demographics, family history, reproductive history, lifestyle and reproductive history
  • Common diagnosis coding for multiple primary and secondary topologies
  • Treatment history by disease site and treatment method
  • Creation of optional study-specific data

The inventory management module allows users to manage and annotate all of the bank’s inventory.

  • An unlimited number of specimens or derivatives per participant.
  • Materials can be annotated at any of the three levels (collection, sample, or aliquots).
  • Collections are linked to the clinical annotation module
  • Material use tracking
  • Integration into the order entry module

A batch set is a recorded grouping of elements of the same type. (Eg.: Participants, aliquots, consents). A batch set can be shared with another user. Similar elements can be added to it or removed. It’s particularly useful when either many users need to work on the same batch set or when it’s needed over a non-ponctual period of time.

The data browser is a tool that allows you to browse from one data type to another through various search forms. This tool is flexible and made for general use.

Collections templates allow to quickly create collection content without the need to browse the menus after the creation of each element.


Reports allow a querying user to fetch statistics from its ATiM installation. Usually, the report can be generated over a user-specified period of time. Although ATiM comes with default reports, custom reports are created by IT specialists.

Order Manager

The Order Management tool handles order entry and shipping related tasks. Orders can be populated with shippable materials from the inventory module or a batch set through the batch manager.

Protocol Manager

The Protocol Management tool permits the creation of protocols as a series of steps to be performed by the bank staff. Protocols can be created for studies, shipping follow-up and other bank activities.

Study Manager

The Study Management tool stores research study specific information enabling a link between studies and shipped materials.


The Administration module is used for managing application permissions, setting preferences and checking your installed version number. It can be accessed through the tools menu.

Drug Administration

This module allows banks to specify which agents are used during treatment. Drugs can then be assigned to common treatment protocols.


Define all of the bank standard operating procedures and materials used in those procedures.

Storage Layout

Tool for management of all bank storage entities.

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